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We are club of enthusiasts and professionals who share a love of photography

Bob Holman – Chairman

In the course of my general ‘Instagraming’ I’ve come across a fabulous community of welcoming and thoroughly decent photographers – both amateur and professional.

They have all been very kind to my iPhone photographs and very encouraging. Whilst being electronically ’social’ with these people I found about 7 or 8 other photographers who lived very nearby to Marlborough.

After a number of emails with them all, including my thoughts, I proposed that we should get together and have a chat and a beer.

My initial email to these local photographers included these words:
“There appears to be quite a number of enthusiastic amateur photographers/instagramers in Marlborough and the surrounding area. We also have a good selection of professional photographers.

So, how about forming a local photography club?

I don’t mean a ‘Camera Club’.

And I certainly don’t want to be in the same room with people crowing along the lines of ‘my lens is bigger than yours’!

What I’m looking to create is a collaborative environment, where learning and nurturing is the main focus (excuse the pun, but if you’ve seen my pavement signs at The Food Gallery, you’ll understand)

But if this objective is going to be achieved, this means that the club will need to have people that are excellent at this art already – you!

My Dad once said to me “If you want to improve yourself, surround yourself with people smarter and more experienced than you.” So, this will be the ethos of the club.

So, would you be interested in sharing your knowledge?

Bob Holman – Chairperson

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