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Monday 23rd October    
7:30 pm - 9:45 pm

WHERE: Kennet Vally Hall, Lockeridge
WHO: David DuChemin (a pre-recorded video)

David duChemin is a humanitarian and world photographer, some-times based in Vancouver, Canada. He is a nomad, explorer, writer, and publisher.

David is a formally trained photographer, though that formal training was not actually in photography but in theology, in which he graduated with a four-year degree (that took five years) in order to pursue a twelve-year career in comedy before stepping off the stage, to the relief of his audiences, to return to his cameras and begin photographing, and leaving pieces of his heart, on seven continents.

David likes single malt whisky from Islay, hammocks, and long walks on the beach. He is also a best-selling author, which means he will one day inherit the basement full of his books that his mother has been furiously ordering from

He’s also a pretty good photographer! It’s a very compelling presentation, from an extremely engaging presenter – and will enthuse and motivate you to take even more compelling photos.

There will be a ‘half time’ – for tea/coffee and cake!